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SKIP TO 5:45!!!

Definitely loved the creepy atmosphere! I'd like to see a longer version of this game sometime.

you did a good job with the atmosphere!

Alrite game considring the short amount of time it was made in, one thing tho. the controls were a lil bit confusing and i didnt rlly know what i was doing or wht my objective was, also a few spelling mistakes made, overall good game tho.
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Very good game, that hallway jumpscare got me good!!!
Although it was very short, it was amazing for a game that was made in 24 hours. Can't wait to see what else you produce in the future. :D
Here is my gameplay from my youtube channel.

Hey, I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 11:34! Hope ya enjoy, mate!

I was a bit critical while recording this. For being created in only 24hrs, it's pretty good. I do wish the story made a little more sense, but that can come with time. Your monster was surprisingly spooky, as you did get me a few times. The atmosphere was by far the best part of the game. You did have a few small bugs that can easily be fixed. (double stepping sounds) Overall, it has a lot of promise. I look forward to your next project.

Nice work!

Pretty interesting game, I included this game in a playthrough video with another game. I will link it below if you are interested in seeing my reaction. Gameplay starts at 6:50


I wish this game was longer. It had so much potential its crazy



Short but not bad got me good with the hallway jumpscare, made a video on it.

A short horror game that delivers a dark satanic vibe,  there is potential for this story to go far deeper to uncover the origins of the book and why your grandfather was so obsessed with this particular book... maybe you could be transported inside the book or maybe show flashbacks of  the cursed book being created.

 The English is a little broken but it may not be the creators native language but this can be ironed out if the game continued to develop. The scares are great and unexpected  and the atmosphere is nice and gives off a sense of tension.

Overall a great short horror, it will be interesting to see what this creator does in the future. The game is the first one on my compilation of 3 short scary games.

This game is no joke! It doesn't have much story to offer but is enough to get your mind spooked. Overall, a solid game that I would play again, any day! I also made a cinematic styled narrated video on it and got spooked everytime I sat down to edit!

Was a really good game! Loved the way it started off and the the jump scares as well. The English could be  a little better, but it was understandable and the story was very good as well!

I loved the jumpscares; they were well thought out and it happened when the lights flickerd in and out and there was a build up to them which was really well done. The jumpscares that happen in the corridor was also well planned out and scary! 

Only thing I wish that was used si the closet in the corridor as it was a huge scare potential and I kept expecting something to pop out of there.

But yeah, great game and good luck on future projects!

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The only problem I have is this game so short man! But overall is was good!! Keep up man!

The jump scares actually caught me off-guard and i screamed like a little girl haha! Overall I enjoyed it! Can't wait to see the bigger game with this atmosphere!  

here is my game play was a fun little game enjoyed it alot looking forward to playing more of your games 

This game got me good with the scares! I really enjoyed it! Your game is around the 6:00 minute mark! 

Short but well done.

I loved the design of the room and the scares were done well. That first scare really got me haha. I would love to see more games from you!


Your game was the 2nd one

i would love to see the concepts in this game fleshed out, you 100% nailed the atmosphere, and I think in a fully fleshed out, touched up game, it would be so scary! There's a lot of potential here! I'll post my video if you care to watch, but I look forward to seeing more from you!

That jump scare made my whole desk move! I enjoyed the game a lot. all the jokes about the grammar were just jokes btw :). only love from me. The game is at 0:47

If you enjoyed the video then please consider subscribing! If you did not enjoy the video then please tell me what you did not enjoy in the comments so I can improve :)

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Short and sweet. Great horror quicky! Playthrough here.

Secong game in the video. Looked Awesome!!!

Thank you for this game. I had a good time with it! You did a great job with that jumpscare, it got me pretty good. Also because of this game I'm not reading any of my grandpa's old books. Your game starts in the beginning of my video.

I was NOT ready for that dead guy to run straight at me ahaha this was a quick fun and spooky experience. The feel of the game was definitely scary, I think that element was captured. Only thing missing was the obvious, no story or objectives for the player. So I'd say test run complete! 

Good work!

short simple horror game. nearly had an attack from that jumpscare XD

Cool game. Have you thought about expanding on the story a bit. Answering questions like - Where did the book come from? How did the grandfather get it and so on?

For a shorter horror game this was actually really scary and I liked it so much that I put it in a video and it is the second game I play if that's alright. I hope you make more games in the future!

I really liked the game, it took a second to get into it but when the jump scares started I really got into it. 

I played the game (heres the link) its okay for a start to a game but certainly needs work however looking at the textures and some of the other base things needed it does show some good potential 
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Overall, it's a very good short horror experience :) Check out the video down below :)

However, I don't really understand what's exactly inside that book... Is that just a book with verses from the bible in it to fight against the devil? Or something else?

Also... There's a problem with the language in this game.

I'm not trying to say that that I'm 100% good in English, because I'm not. But, I think English in this game needs to be improved, especially the wording. Every day is a school day :)

Looking forward to your next project :)

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